Vision and Mission


Transformed livelihoods of people living in poverty in the developing world through initiatives which support resilient, equitable and sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition security.


The Forum will work towards achieving its vision via developing partnerships of excellence through the generation, sharing and application of experience, knowledge and innovation in agriculture for development.


  1. Share knowledge and information between Forum members on sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition security for better livelihoods and promote impact-oriented and needs-driven application on farms and in communities and value chains;
  2. Promote the visibility of Ireland’s role in agriculture for development at national and international level;
  3. Contribute to policy processes at national and international level, with particular emphasis on policy coherence;
  4. Maximise collaboration, synergies and complementarities among different Irish actors involved in international agriculture development;
  5. Identify new opportunities that have the potential to deliver poverty reduction, inclusive sustainable development and food and nutrition security in developing countries;
  6. Promote good practice approaches in monitoring and evaluating agriculture for development interventions;
  7. Facilitate capacity-building opportunities for Forum members and their developing-country partners.