Food Systems and Nutrition

Food Systems and Nutrition Webinar Series

Lilly Schofield

Joseph Odyek

Anna Herforth

Mary Corbett

Corinna Hawkes

Johan Swinnen

Covid-19 and Global Food Systems – IFPRI

Ayako Ebata

Food Systems after Covid-19 – IDS

Mary Baganizi

Covid-19 impacts on Food Security and Nutrition in Uganda – Trocaire

Chris Pain

Overview of Covid-19 Research Findings – Concern Worldwide

Mary McCarthy

Food Systems_ Building Forward Better – Irish Aid

Solange Cullen

Rapid Assessment: The impacts of COVID-19 Restrictions on Household Food Security within the Gergera Watershed, Tigray, Ethiopia – University College Cork

Women’s Economic and Nutritional Empowerment in Relation to Household Food Security, Tigray

Sudha Narayanan

The Women’s Empowerment in Nutrition Index (WENI) – Bridging the Missing Link

Marlene Hebe

Connecting women’s empowerment to undernutrition prevention and treatment in Niger – Goal Global

Maureen Muketha

Action Track 1 Game Changers for Womens Empowerment and Nutrition

Rosemary Silaa

Womens Empowerment – Nutrition COUNSENUTH Tanzania

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