IFIAD is a platform for Ireland’s agrifood and international agricultural development actors to collaborate and share knowledge in support of Ireland’s development objectives.

Sharing Knowledge

We will:

  • Identify knowledge gaps in research and agriculture for development
  • Identify and disseminate demand-driven guidance on good practice
  • Share and disseminate relevant findings from national and international sources
  • Organize conferences, workshops, symposia on selected thematic areas
  • Provide a learning platform for researchers, policy makers and practitioners alike

Enhancing Research

We will:

  • Build a collaborative network of researchers interested in agricultural development in middle and low-income countries
  • Enable the development of research groups that address factors that impact on the positive delivery of results in agriculture development programmes
  • Commission research projects as appropriate
  • Link members to capacity building opportunities in different technical areas

Informing Policy

We will:

  • Develop contributions to policy and / or technical dialogues taking place at national and international level
  • Contribute to the evidence base on the best approaches to addressing agriculture-driven development
  • Participate in relevant policy / best practice debates at national and international level

Enabling Collaboration

We will:

  • Facilitate communication between members
  • Develop and maintain a database of network members expertise
  • Promote the Forum and its activities to agencies with an interest in agricultural development
  • Facilitate the formation of long-term links between policy and research institutions in middle and low-income countries
  • Engage with other networks and enter into collaborative arrangements as appropriate

IFIAD Secretariat
c/o Self Help Africa
Kingsbridge House,
17-22 Parkgate Street,
Dublin 8, D08 NRP2,
Email: info@ifiad.ie
Tel: +353 (0)1 677 8880

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